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I'm Clea Stumb; a Brazilian native,  I am currently living in Metro Detroit with my husband Charlie and our daughters Anna and Julia.  I am a Vinyasa based yoga teacher and Ayurveda Enthusiastic. I have lived all over the world , and being exposed to so many cultures' (especially Easthern) ways of  living is one of the reasons I became interested in Teachings of Yoga.  Moving to different countries is a challenge, not to be taken lightly, both physically and mentally so I started practicing yoga to help me de-stress both physically and mentally.   As I deepened my practice I noticed Yoga was helping me reach a power within that I was not previously aware of so I kept coming back.

I am fascinated with everything that encapsulates being human – anatomy, mind, body, spirit, and interconnection. 

Due to the impact yoga had on my life I decided to become a Yoga Teacher . Since then I have taken several yoga teaching training sessions in a variety of styles, including most recently, the 500-hour LYT Yoga training.

I enjoy creating fun challenging classes that are easy to follow so that everyone feels welcome and successful. 

My goal as an instructor is to hold a space where everyone can fully experience the mind-body connection and explore the practice of yoga, encourage others to find their zest for life through movement both on and off the mat and empower movement and balance amidst a modern lifestyle.

I believe that Yoga teaches us, “that we are entirely up to us, and that no matter what you want in life , first unleash the power within, it will give you the power and momentum to achieve and overcome anything!

    "The biggest wall you will ever have to climb is the one you build in your mind.”

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Designed to be practical and useful. 

By using movements that are natural and helpful for real life activities, that will help you move for yourself  independent for decades. 



What is a sustainable movement practice?

A sustainable movement practice is a practice which will support the longevity of your body. It requires diversity in movement in order to avoid straining specific areas of the body through repetitive overuse and to avoid weakening of other areas due to underuse. A sustainable movement practice will make you strong and stable in all of your bodies tissues in the full range of motion of your joints.

A sustainable Yoga practice isn't your typical . An innovative approach that integrates biomechanics, functional strength, and alignment to make your practice more accessible and effective.

When you add sustainable Movement to your Yoga practice you can expect to:

  • Get strong, move with ease, and restore your joint health

  • Develop body awareness and how your body moves in space, which will help improve your balance and mobility

  • Build more competency in a variety of natural human movements that will nourish more areas of your body

  • Learn how to integrate more movement into your day without stress and create a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally. 

Are you ready to create a new lifestyle that will keep you moving with strength, confidence, ease? 



Using smart Alignment cueing and intelligent sequences perfect for students looking for a meaningful  mind-body experience on the mat. This is a "one stop shop" practice-the goal is by using our early developmental stages movements at the beginning of every class , we will organize and reset the body to move in bigger and better, this will setup the body to work efficiently. 

Since those early stages movements patterns are hardwire in our brain mapping this 

will make it easier for the body to find it's optimal movement 

pattners -building balance, strength (specially core),stability, mobility, adaptability, mobilize fascia, move in all planes - front and back, side to side, up down. Fine tune with the CNS - Central Nervous System from  beginning to Savanna!

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You never really know where learning will take you. For me, what began as a weekly yoga class has become a practice of exploration and discovery. The benefits of yoga are well communicated and so many choices exist for anyone to begin their learning. I feel fortunate in finding a method and approach that works for me. Clea’s approach to vinyasa methodology has been a significant compliment to my other strength training. Movement based flows which expand a greater range of motion have increased my overall strength. The frequency of minor joint and muscle injuries have disappeared and my recovery intervals are now more effective. Consciousness of movement and form during a yoga flow has also become my approach during weight training and aerobic workouts. My favorite part of of Clea’s classes are the little pieces of wisdom she adds somewhere in each session. You have listen carefully and when you think about what she says, there’s a message that works anywhere in your life.

Gary B.

I have been practicing yoga with Clea for over a year now. After my second child I lost the desire to take care of myself for awhile. When I decided to do something about it and get moving, Clea was the most helpful person I could ask for. I, utterly, adore my yoga classes, I have no joint pain for months now. I do credit her for that! She’s always making sure I’m in the correct position/alignment in every single pose throughout our practice. I’d never thought would be possible to feel so good again. I had struggled with knee pain for a long time, but this practice with Clea keeps my joints lose, strong, healthy, and our laughs add to the list of benefits too.  With her guidance, I keep a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Suzan R.

Clea’s yoga method and classes are both authentic and inspiring.  After trying many different types of yoga over the years, I have found Clea’s flow and prompting the best transfer into “real life.”  Meaning, her focus on the 3 “S’s” have resulted in better posture, less body pain and a gain in overall strength.  I have had neck pain over the years and have trained hard with running, strength training, multiple sports and many types of aerobic classes and never has my neck felt better than by following Clea’s methods.  She has such care, diligence and attention to her students alignment and overall health.  No matter what your health goals are, I highly recommend incorporating Clea into your regular routine to optimize your best self, on and off the mat - I have never felt better than when doing her classes regularly.

Kristy S.

I have been taking Clea’s yoga classes for over a year now. I am a runner. Before, I was going to chiropractor for my back problems from running. Her classes help me so much that there was no need for chiropractor anymore. The practices help to keep my back aligned plus it relaxes me and it’s a great workout. Her yoga is one of the best kinds I’ve ever practiced. 

Katerina C.

I have been taking private classes with Clea for just over a year now. She was the person that introduced Yoga practice as fitness tool to me. I’ve known her since before she became a yoga instructor and had the chance to watched her journey into the learnings of this practice. Her enthusiasm and passion for yoga and its philosophy are deeply infused and noticeable in her classes. She is also a gifted teacher and her intuitive cues make all the difference to me by making the classes challenging but yet fun and rewarding. Her yoga flows have immensely helped to improve my body’s pliability and core strengthening. It is that feeling of exhaustion and of the body melting like warm noodles at the end of each of her classes that keeps me coming back for more. Well done Clea!

Karla W.

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